SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) for Roofs

Due to the unique way that structural insulated panels work, they are perfectly suited for roof constructions be they new build, home extension or replacement roofs.  Not only will they arrive pre-cut, and with insulation already fitted, they span from wall to ridge beam (supplied by us) usually without any further support.  This means that the roof space can be left completely open to be used as further accomodation, storage or as a vaulted ceiling.

Sips Eco Panel roof panels can be used with the Sips Eco Panel wall system or on its own with other constructions (brick and block, timber frame).  They can be used as the roof structure itself or used to clad and insulate other roof structures (oak, trusses, steel etc.)  SIP roof panels are very versatile and suit most roof configurations, (gable to gable, hipped, mansard) and can save you time and money whilst providing high levels of insulation.  SIPs do not need to be used on only new-builds either.  As long as we have accurate dimensions, we can and have provided replacement roofs to add vital extra room and storeys to existing dwellings.

Below are a couple of videos, one introducing structural insulated panels for roofs and the other a recent project we have supplied a large roof to.  Further below is a gallery of recent roofs that have specified Sips Eco Panels, click on an image to see more detail.

NOTE: Videos best viewed with speakers turned on.


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A recent school project which specified a Sips Eco Panel roof.

Project credits:
Architect - The Genesis Design Studio, Romsey
Engineers - Andrew Waring Associates Ltd., Romsey