SIPs Manuals

Sips Eco Panels produce various Technical Manuals and documents in order to explain our structural insulated panel system to all of our various customers, as well as satisfy the criteria of the C.A.T.G. SIP Mark Scheme (our third party accreditation).

These documents alongside our certification, technical details and u-value calculations help our customers to understand and specify our SIPs system, which is why we offer them freely here for download.

Below you will find our Structural Design Guide, Erection Manual, Construction Manual and Self Installation Manual, each providing a different insight into how our panels can be used. The Design Guide provides design information for engineers; the Erection Manual gives detailed construction and jointing details of the SIP Panels; the Construction Manual gives comprehensive detailing of how our Sips Eco Panels interface with other aspects of the build; and the Self Installation Manual will help guide you through erecting our SIP panels on your project.


Sips Eco Panels Construction Manual Sips Eco Panels SpaceJoist Span Table Sips Eco Panels Self Installation Manual Sips Eco Panels Structural Design Guide Sips Eco Panels Erection Manual
  Construction Manual  SpaceJoist Span Table  Self Installation Manual Structural Design Guide       Erection Manual
  (Including Roof Span Tables)