NEWS - Sips Eco Panels See Record Sales

Sept' 14


Sips Eco Panels have had their best ever year for sales, with orders going through the (insulated) roof. This year has seen a considerable increase in the numbers of orders place, leading to increasing staff numbers in our panel design department, engineering department and on the factory floor. The past quarter has seen an increase in sales of more than 150% over 2013 and our total sales for the year are up 84%. We are now predicted to have a total annual increase in orders placed of over 50% by the end of 2013. The increase in orders has come about following an increase in the percentage of projects we have won, along with a 15% increase in enquiries.



Peter Keogh, Technical Sales Manager said:

“We have been very pleased but not surprised by the jump in demand for our Structural Insulated Panels. SIPs offer increased build speeds on site, coupled with maximised insulation values and airtightness.  These benefits mean that projects can be watertight quicker and so there are typically less delays on SIP projects due to the weather – plus you will end up with a precision built highly energy efficient build.  In response to the demand we have taken on more trained design and factory staff and have put on extra manufacturing shifts meaning we are prepared for and welcome the increased demand”.

“I think the surge in demand has been led by the tightened Part L insulation regulations that came into force in April forcing builders to look more and more at energy efficient solutions like SIPs. This added to the desire to use a form of construction that can help make a project watertight as quickly as possible to minimise onsite delays has led to a strong increase in demand for our SIP panels”.

Customers have also benefitted by this increase in orders as the greater economies of scale have enabled us to reduce our selling price, making our SIPs the highest specification, lowest cost SIPs we have ever offered. Why not request a quotation now, or read about our high levels of service at our Testimonials page.

Further Certification

Sips Eco Panels have added to their list of certification by achieving ISO14001 for their Environmental Management.

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Sips Eco Panels Nominated For Two Awards

For the second year running, Sips Eco Panels have been nominated at the Build It Awards.

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Sips Striving for Sustainability

Sips Eco Panels have recently obtained PEFC certification on our panels.

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