Green SIPs

A chart showing the recycling statistics for Sips Eco Panels factoryDue to the green nature of our product, we are keen to keep to all our operations as green as possible.  As a consequence of this, we now e-mail many of our quotes rather than posting them. We recycle all of our paper, card and plastic waste in our offices and collect and recycle as much of our raw material as possible within the factory.

We recently asked the firm who handles our recycling to compile information on how much timber and other materials (including our EPS) were recycled at our Sips Eco Panel factory.  They told us that during the month that they studied, we had sent them nearly 8 tonnes of wood (of which 100% was recycled) and 4 and a half tonnes of mixed waste (of which 75% was recycled).  The reason for these large numbers is due to the fact that we are producing a high volume of structural insulated panels, and that we have special extraction machinery in place to collect all scraps of waste.

As part of our further move to being as environmentally conscious as possible, we recently invested in a new woodburning heater for our factory.  This woodburner will generate most of our heat, with much of its fuel coming from our offcuts.  All of our panel off cuts are recycled, the unwanted EPS is returned to our suppliers and the OSB is passed through a thickness planer to remove any remnants of glue and EPS, leaving us with a clean piece of OSB that can be burned in our new woodburning heater.

We are proud of our green credentials and both our office and factory managers are constantly looking for ways to further minimise our impact on the environment.  If you would like a quotation for some of our green SIPs please visit our SIPs quote page.